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PCAFI Advanced Leadership Certificate Program

Created in collaboration between PCAFI and Fuller Theological Seminary, this six-course program provides seminary-quality training to PCAFI leaders seeking advancement in ministry. Click here to learn more...

Understand Where We've Been
to Lead Us Where We Need to Go

Increase Your Biblical Knowledge and Strengthen Your Preaching

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Course Titles

  • Charting the Course: PCAFI’s Foundational Beliefs for a Resilient Future

  • Looking Back and Carrying On: History of Black Pentecostalism

  • Journeying with Our Ancestors: Church History

  • Wading through the Deep: Introduction to Biblical Studies

  • Guiding the Flock Faithfully: Biblical Leadership

  • Engaging the Community: Practical Theology

Two Ways to Get Started


Register for the Entire Certificate

Click here to read more about the certificate and to register for all of the courses at once. You will have access to all the currently available courses. Course 5, Guiding the Flock Faithfully: Biblical Leadership, and the Final Project will be added to your account in Spring 2024.


$750 for PCAFI Members

Use code PCAFICert750


Register Course by Course

Click here to read more about the first course, Charting the Course! If you have already purchased some of the courses and are ready for the next one, find the links here.


$100 for PCAFI Members

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Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International

The Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International (PCAFI) was founded by Bishop Samuel N. Hancock in 1957 and officially incorporated on November 20, 1957. Those present to execute the incorporation were Bishop Hancock, Bishop Willie Lee, Bishop Heardie Leaston, and Elder David Collins. Established from its inception as a Oneness Pentecostal organization practicing baptism by full water immersion, the group sought to create an organization that stood for the highest standards of holiness. It is one of twelve major organizations born from the womb of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World between 1919 and 1960. Hancock served as the presiding bishop until his death in 1963. Today, with churches across the globe, the PCAFI remains committed to its trademark of spiritual excellence and integrity on behalf of the Apostolic faith. Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr. is the current presiding bishop.

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Fuller Seminary

Fuller Seminary is an evangelical, multidenominational graduate institution committed to providing indispensable, formational education for diverse Christian leaders everywhere. Responding to changes in the church and world, Fuller is transforming the seminary experience to create a global learning community where leaders can access Fuller’s traditional graduate programs, as well as non-degree courses through the digital learning platform FULLER Equip, and free resources created by FULLER studio. Fuller’s distinctive integration of its four major disciplines—housed in the School of Mission and Theology and the School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy—uniquely equips leaders for innovative, nuanced, and intellectually grounded service in a variety of roles and settings.


Welcome to the PCAFI Advanced Leadership Certificate Program. We are so glad you’re here! We have partnered with Fuller Seminary to bring you training that will advance your leadership qualifications as a pastor and/or church leader.

- Presiding Bishop Gates

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