Why Do We Care About the Trinity?


In Christian settings and the church, we regularly hear about references to the Trinity, the Godhead, or God Three-in-One. But what does that mean? And how does it affect our understanding of God and our faith? How does it affect our relationship with him, each other, and his call to our mission in the world? This is a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith, and many of us have trouble understanding it (because it’s a confusing concept!) In the course, Geoff Holsclaw and Charles Self will explain some of the challenges this doctrine brings and explore the relationship between the three persons of God. By having a better grasp on this relationship, we hope to allow you to live out the more practical applications of this understanding in your life and walk of faith. Join us on this journey to deepen and expand your relationship with the whole of who God is!

We estimate that this will take you 7 hours to complete (but not all in one sitting!).

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