Transforming Conflict

Start building a framework to engage conflict in healthy ways rooted in Christian teachings and community-building practices.

Takes approximately 3 hours to complete.


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Church, Faith & Everyday Life, Ministry Leadership, and Thinking Theologically

Course Description

Culture often teaches us to deal with conflict in two ways: avoidance and defensiveness. Yet avoidance leads to false unity and distrust, while defensiveness results in division and dehumanization. However, another way exists that aims for true unity, deep trust, and comprehensive flourishing. In the course Transforming Conflict, developed in partnership with The Colossian Forum, you will discover how to view conflict as an opportunity for spiritual growth and constructive transformation within Christian communities. It will help you shift your perspective on conflict, viewing it not as a disruptive force but as a catalyst for unity and personal development. Instead of avoiding conflict, trying to win at all costs, or merely managing disagreements, start building a framework to engage conflict in healthy ways rooted in Christian teachings and community-building practices.

Created in partnership with The Colossian Forum and FULLER Equip.

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The Colossian Forum

The Colossian Forum provides training for Christians and organizations who want to develop a stronger culture of constructive disagreement. The Colossian Forum equips people to engage with any issue, large or small, with a loving and cooperative mindset that leads to growth rather than division.

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