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Thriving: Reframing the Christian Life


Words like “thriving” and “flourishing” increasingly flash before us, but what do they have to do with the Christian faith? Pretty much everything. As Christians, we believe that God created us as humans in God’s image to live “fully alive” as our unique selves in life-giving relationships with God and others–for God’s glory. Based on theology and psychological science, this course invites and guides you toward a discovery of what it means to thrive, and it helps you to uncover your purpose. Join Dr. Pamela King as she walks through the key aspects of thriving and some practical ways to start living into the life set before you!

We estimate that this will take you 22 hours to complete (but not all in one sitting!).

We recommend that you complete this content with 3 to 5 other people to dive deeply into the concepts and into relationships with others. If you choose to buy this course for yourself and 5 other people, choose the “Gift or buy for group” option, purchase 6 or more seats for this course, and then enter this coupon at checkout for a 10% discount! FMBYZQ56


Thrive Center

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