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The World of the New Testament


The World of the New Testament certificate program seeks to answer the question: What are the basic tools to interpret and translate the New Testament? Throughout this certificate program, you will learn to describe the first-century culture as a framework for the New Testament context, recognize the different genres employed in the New Testament, employ a contextual model of interpretation to read New Testament material, and integrate the New Testament books into a general narrative. The World of the New Testament certificate serves as your roadmap to mastering the skills needed to translate the writings of the New Testament so that it is clear, accurate, and natural for hearers in their mother tongue. 

Certificate Learning Objectives 

  1. Articulate a description of the first-century world in which the New Testament writings took place 
  2. Identify the different New Testament genres, such as narration, general and pastoral letters, and apocalyptic; and understand their perspective characteristics
  3. Apply a general model and method of biblical interpretation
  4. Show how each book contributes to God’s New Testament metanarrative using an overarching, theological understanding.

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