The Vocation of an Artist


Have you ever felt lost in your calling as an artist? Or have you wondered how or even why God cares to call artists in his world and to his mission work? In this course, you will rediscover your belovedness in God and his plan and calls for you. You will learn about your place in the long history of art and artists through time biblically, theologically, and aesthetically. With these as your foundations, you will develop and clarify your own convictions as an artist and to art in your life, both vocationally and spiritually, as God has called you to this work. Join David Taylor as he works with you to carve out an understanding of the vocation of an artist on the slate of your life!
This course will count towards the upcoming Brehm Center Certificate in Theology and the Arts. 
David Taylor with ocean background

David Taylor

Author, Associate Professor of Theology & Culture