Sticky Faith Innovation Group Coaching


Every youth ministry is unique. That’s because every day you’re actively listening and responding to the needs of teenagers in your community. You’re constantly innovating as you go.

Sticky Faith Innovation is a step-by-step innovation process that equips youth leaders to effectively serve teenagers’ changing lives and support their long-term faith. Our Sticky Faith Innovation coaches have worked intensively with more than 100 youth leaders seeking revitalized ministry vision adapted to their students’ needs.

With Sticky Faith Innovation Group Coaching, you’ll get a digital course and the support of a personalized coach to walk with your team step by step. Plus, you’ll join a community of youth leaders like you who are transforming their ministries!

Your group coaching package includes:

  1. The 6-session Sticky Faith Innovation Online Team Training (a $125 value!), which will guide you and your team through each step of the Sticky Faith Innovation process. 
  2. A welcome webinar with coauthors Steven Argue and Caleb Roose to help set you and your team up for success. You’ll also meet your coach and coaching group!
  3. 3 group coaching calls with an innovation coach and youth leaders like you to help support you through each crucial move of the Sticky Faith Innovation process.
  4. A bonus 1-to-1 coaching call, to be used when you feel like you need it most.

Join a Sticky Faith Innovation Coaching Group today to take the most important step toward transformation in your ministry.


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