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Oral Bible Translation


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to bring Scripture closer to the hearts of communities around the world? The Oral Bible Translation certificate serves as your roadmap to mastering the skills needed to translate the Bible orally so that it is clear, accurate, and natural for hearers in their mother tongue. Ideal for those passionate about faith, linguistics, and translating Scripture for the billions of orality-reliant people in the world, this five-module certificate program offers hands-on experience in translation methodologies and oral storytelling techniques. By enrolling in this certificate program, you not only become part of a global network of translators committed to translating scripture, but this meaningful work also opens doors that touch lives and hearts as it brings the good news of Scripture to people around the world! 

Certificate Learning Objectives

  1. Internalize and perform the narratives of Scripture in a clear, biblically accurate, reproducible, and culturally appropriate way 
  2. Develop skill in communicating Scripture effectively in high orally reliant cultures through performance, the use of media, art, and music 
  3. Translate in an oral framework, plan the translation process to create a natural oral communication media, and explore the internalization of a Scripture passage along with the process of oral drafting

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