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Ministry Essentials Program Bundle


The Ministry Essentials Program is a six-course program that could lead to a professional certificate, designed for new or aspiring ministry leaders looking for the essential tools and knowledge they need to be effective in their calling. Learners can take courses in the order which best suits their needs, culminating in a final project that has direct relevance to their daily work.

Throughout the program, we want to equip you with skills in theological literacy, effective communication, holistic discipleship, and embodied management. You can expect to tackle issues in interpreting the Bible and leading in a way that responds appropriately to popular culture.  You will improve your public speaking skills by analyzing and implementing different approaches to oratory, and you will grow in your ability to assess the needs of your audience. You will gain wisdom in ministering to the whole person, with each of his or her particularities and backgrounds, and increase your capacity to shape communities around the love and grace of Jesus. Lastly, you will learn how to manage in a way that builds trust in your people.

Get started on the Ministry Essentials Certificate Program and start earning your professional certificate—today.


A FULLER Equip professional certificate is earned through the successful completion of a series of courses.


Tod Bolsinger

Senior Congregational Strategist, Senior Fellow De Pree Center for Leadership