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Foundations in Bible Translation (First 3 Modules)


This foundational certificate program provides an introduction and overview of language, communication, and translation with the goal of enabling beginner translators to make a natural first draft of narrative text. Focus is given to the history of translation, its place in the mission of God, the typical tasks of every translation team, the importance of working well with others, the use of tools and resources, and engaging the community at every stage of the translation process. During the final capstone project, learners have an opportunity to create a translation brief and translate a chapter of the book Ruth, which will be peer-reviewed and graded. This is the first three modules of this certificate.

Certificate Learning Objectives

Have enough language and translation awareness to be able to make a natural first draft of narrative text. This includes the following: 

  1. Be able to read the source text (LWC or another translation) with understanding
  2. Have been exposed to a brief introduction to biblical languages and have a sensitivity of differences in language form and structure
  3. Have sufficient language awareness of the target language and/or creative ability in their own language to express meaning in natural language.
  4. Have developed a sensitivity to the importance of oral skills for translation
  5. Be aware of potential problems and pitfalls of communication and translation 
  6. Know how to handle translation problems and challenges 
  7. Understand that the translation may have a specific goal as stated in the translation “brief” 
  8. Understand different modalities of translation

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