Finding God: Hope is a Habit that Grows in the Dark



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This is a 10 week devotional guide (divided up to be used across 10 weeks) containing scripture, reflections, action items, and prayers. I have never heard of a hope-filled person who did not have a story of hardship. Hope grew in the hardship. Hope pressed through the concrete floor against the weight of hopeless circumstances. Our prayer is that this devotional guide would plant fruit-bearing seeds and water pre-existing seeds in your own life. May your soul be nourished by the soil of God’s steadfast and faithful love from generation to generation. May each word draw you close and bring you near to the living Word. Who else will we run to? Jesus is the only one that has words of eternal life and timely words for your present life.


Inés Velásquez-McBryde

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Finding God: Hope is a Habit that Grows in the Dark

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