Are you a pastor looking for resources to help you navigate today's most challenging ministry issues?

According to Barna Group research, pastors cited job stress (56%), loneliness (43%), and political divisions (38%) as top reasons for considering quitting full-time ministry.*

Pastors also cited conflict resolution (40%), crisis management, and counseling (37%) as areas they wish they had been better prepared for.**


Does this sound familiar?

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We have created the below courses and certificate programs to help pastors feel fully equipped for the various challenges that they face today. Below, you can find courses and certificates that help prepare pastors to address mental health and pastoral counseling, political and social conflict, and the business of ministry. 

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*Pastors Share Top Reasons They’ve Considered Quitting Ministry in the Past YearBarna Group. (2023, August 16).

**Excerpt: What Pastors Wish They’d Been Prepared ForBarna Group. (2023, July 24).

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