Meaningful Work in a Changing World

In a world that is constantly changing, meaning and purpose are two essential aspects of life that can quickly become elusive in the chaos. Given the many hours we spend at work, an undefined sense of purpose there will only magnify that lack of meaning in our lives.

Fortunately, God has provided us wisdom on how to define and live a truly fulfilling life – and that includes our work life.  It’s much more than starting the day with a positive attitude.  It’s an approach that connects us directly with what He is doing in the world.

In this course, you’ll discover where meaning comes from and how to approach your work with a different type of perspective to align you more with God’s purposes. Drawing lessons from scripture and some unique insights into entrepreneurship, this course explores a partnership with God that will impact both you and your work.

Topics to be covered:

  • Understanding Change
  • Entrepreneurship and Doing Business Well
  • Opportunity, Value, Risk -- and You!
  • Leveraging your “Braintrust”
  • A Pathway to Meaningful Work

Michaela O'Donnell

PhD, Executive Director of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership