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Determining your vocation is a difficult task. It can often be confusing, frustrating, and even scary. Am I really supposed to do just one thing for the rest of my life?

What if God has a different plan for your vocation? And what if your vocation is not something you are solely called to, but rather something you are formed into? What tools would you need to design that vocation?

Reframing Vocation, a 6-lesson module, will lead you through a process to understand your vocation differently using Fuller's model of Vocation Formation and Life Design tools co-developed by Dave. Through a series of exercises, they will help you better understand how to approach your vocation and how to invite God into the process of forming it.

Lesson Breakdown

  1. Redefining Vocation
  2. The Central Integrating Question
  3. Workview and Lifeview
  4. Odyssey Planning and Intentional Practice
  5. Prototyping and Netowrking
  6. Revising the Central Integrating Question

Meet Your Instructors

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Tod Bolsinger joined Fuller Seminary in 2014 as vice president for vocation and formation and assistant professor of practical theology, and now serves as vice president and chief of leadership formation. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1993, Dr. Bolsinger served as senior pastor of San Clemente Presbyterian Church from 1997 to 2014. Prior to that he was associate pastor of discipleship and spiritual formation at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. Holding both a PhD in Theology and Master of Divinity from Fuller, Bolsinger taught graduate-level classes in theology for 14 years at Fuller’s regional campus in Orange County prior to joining the seminary’s regular faculty.

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Dave Evans joined the Stanford Design Program in 2007 where he teaches the popular Designing Your Life courses. Dave's passion is to help undergrads and grads apply the innovative principles of design thinking to the wicked problem of designing your life after Stanford. Dave obtained his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and returns to Stanford following 30+ years of executive leadership and management consulting in high technology. Dave product managed the first mouse and early laser-printing projects at Apple, was a co-founder of Electronic Arts, and has consulted to dozens of start-ups and major corporations.

"This course taught me about myself, my leadership style, and how to navigate changes in my organization."
— Leslie Darmanian

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